Silver Dust

A Queen's Wraiths Prequel

A lethal abomination is roaming the streets of Agartha — a forbidden werewolf and vampire hybrid. Nadia Navarra, half-werewolf and a young member of the Queen’s Wraiths knows this monster all too well and must at all costs distance herself from him. But when someone forbidden needs her protection, can Nadia balance all her lies? And survive?

A dark urban fantasy set in an underground city.

Touched by Death

It’s not easy enforcing supernatural justice when the regular police are on your heels. 

An urban fantasy novella with a cat-and-mouse-game.

Foresight and Thieves


How Maggie Got Her Money

Can a prediction be set back on track? Peggy’s reputation as a supernatural enforcer is worth more than riches, but with both criminals and the police in her way, the mission turns unpredictable quickly. 

A thrilling supernatural romp!